About Integrated Pavers & Paving Stones

Types of Pavers

There are many types of paver products available today, from natural stone to various types of manufactured pavers. 

Each type of paver works best for projects that draw on and maximize its intrinsic qualities, whether that is strength, durability, appearance, or a combination of these. 

In every case, it’s the form and function of the paver that governs choice. This always starts with an understanding what the area or structure will be used for, and what design elements must be included. 

Quick Paver Overview


have great durability for driveways and all types of walkway and patio areas. They also come in many shapes, textures and color ranges to choose from.


can be used for working over existing concrete or other structurally sound hardscape as a veneer. These offer a less expensive alternative to total replacement.

Shell Lock

are a combination of crushed shells that offer a cooler surface temperature and the wonderful “beach feel” of sea shells. Multiple color options are available.

Permeable or Pervious

are porous, allowing moisture to move between joints or even through the pavers to reduce water run-off. Proper base construction techniques are used to improve water absorption rates through these types of pavers.


are made from natural stone that allows for a more “connected to nature and the earth” feeling than some other pavers. They are usually used in light-traffic areas such as patios, sidewalks and pool decks where traffic loads are not heavy, because travertine is less structurally sound than some other pavers.

Our Suppliers & Sources

Natural Elements carefully selects integrated paving products offered by the companies listed below.

Each of these suppliers benefit you for two main reasons:

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